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Located  in the central business district of Seneca South Carolina, Ram Cat Alley is comprised of 18 historic buildings. In the early 1900’s there were a number of meat and fish markets located in the alley.  Consequently, a large number of cats were drawn to this enticing location in hopes of finding their next meal. They say that the phrase “you can’t ram another cat in the alley” eventually was shortened to Ram Cat Alley and the name has stuck throughout the years.

Ram Cat Alley now features a bit of everything including excellent restaurants, wine bar, antiques, books, art and more. Seneca , SC came into its own in 1873 due to a railroad junction being built there. It quickly grew to a major shipping point. Seneca also boasts Keowee and Hartwell Lake along with Clemson University.

The Ram Cat Alley area has something for everyone’s tastes, from Papa Julio’s tacos, tequila and fun, to Vangelis seafood and pasta to Ram Cat Cellars Wine, Bourbon and small plate bar and everything in-between.

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